Why Neutec?

Young and Dynamic Staff
Fast-growing structure
Constant development opportunities
Happy and productive working environment
An approach that respects universal values

Human Resources Policy

  • Placing the right people at the right positions
  • Using the required rotation practices to enable our employees to develop in the relevant areas they have talent for.
  • Using our internal human resources for the new and open positions first,
  • Evaluating and rewarding employee performance objectively
  • Creating career plans and having a long-term sustainable relationship with our employees.
  • Creating a healthy, safe and peaceful working environment in terms of occupational health and safety.
  • Offering equal opportunities to all candidates without any discrimination is one of the essential elements of our human resources policies.

Strategic Career and Talent Management

For the sustained continuity of Neutec's success, we move forwards with an open career strategy in which we grow our leaders from our own organization. To determine high-level positions and potential talents, and to create the required back up pool, a career planning process that offers equal opportunity to all employees is being conducted. Career planning is a continuous process that allows us to train our employees in their own fields to reach our future goals.

Selection and Placement

The most important element of Neutec's success is its employees. In that regard, our top priority is to place the right people to the right positions that open up in the company. The criteria that are sought may vary according to position, and our expectancies for each position are candidates that can meet the basic competencies according to Neutec's values.

Basic Competencies

  • Goal-oriented working principle
  • Innovative and creative thought
  • Spirit of leadership
  • Decision making, analytical thinking and problem solving abilities
  • Initiative and desire to succeed/li>
  • Verbal and body language skills
  • Positive working relations

Practices in the Hiring Process

  • General Skill Tests,
  • Personality Inventory,
  • Professional Knowledge and Competency Tests,
  • English Level Test, in addition to;
  • Sample case applications,
  • Team work exercises and similar evaluation center practices are applied to our candidates based on the position.


Our employees are subjected to a suitable orientation program for their positions, duties and responsibilities.

Employee Motivation

To keep the internal motivation of our employees at the highest is one of Neutec's top priorities. For this purpose, we aim to keep our employee's motivation high with various organizations and pactices.

Performance Evaluation

The most important reason for Neutec's success depends on the goal-oriented creative working styles and high-performance of all our employees. Performance management constitutes the basis for our ability to determine our goals, focus on our goals and succeed in our future projects.

Neutec works in a goal oriented manner and shares all its strategies and goals with its employees to allow all our employees to walk towards a shared goal. Moreover, performance evaluation is not only based on business goals but the compliance of employees with Neutec's values and their development levels.

Training and Development

Training and development activities are considered an investment to Neutec's employees.

The training programs are planned with continuous improvement in mind, and are implemented by considering the current approaches to enable our employees to adapt to changing conditions.

Professional trainings, leadership trainings and personal development trainings for the development of our employees are provided in a planned and programmed manner, in line with our strategy.

The trainings aim to allow our employees to develop themselves and thus, show high performance.

Salaries and Social Rights

Our salary and fringe benefit policy is based on a fair, competitive system that basically aims work evaluation, that is performance-based, and that rewards high performance. Our salaries are determined based on the performance evaluation results, inflation and the position we aim for in the market.

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All applications to Neutec is carefully examined by our Human Resources department, and applications that are suitable for the position are included in the hiring process. Apply to the following open positions to direct your career along with Neutec, one of the most powerful players in the industry.