Neutec R&D is located in Yıldız Technical University's Technology Development Zone and it is tirelessly working to improve human health and create new solutions with its 158 employees.


Neutec Inhaler is the first and only pharmaceutical company that focuses its production activities on respiratory diseases. Neutec Inhaler is established with 100% domestic capitl, and is in the pharmaceuticals industry as a member of Neutec Pharmaceutical Group family. Neutec Group is a large family in which 2800 employees work with care and effort. It was established in 2005 to manufacture pharmaceutical products in line with cGMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) requirements. Our factory in Sakarya is built over 36.000 m2, and has 22.000 m2 of closed area. The factory started manufacturing in 2007, and has the capacity to manufacture 32 million boxes of medicine per year with its 529 employees.


Neuec Inhaler currently has 4 products and is focusing on r&d activities to provide a healthier life. A total of 1.000 employees, 390 of them medical sales representatives, are working to help those who struggle with respiratory diseases breathe better.

Production Capacity
Environmental Sensitivity
Quality Standard

Neutec Inhaler Corporate

Vision & Mission Values

First, developing pharmaceutical inhaler products was our passion, now it is our way of life and future.

Neutec Inhaler aims to develop the best possible products that will respond to the needs of all patients around the world for the treatment of lung and respiratory diseases, and to offer the products it develops at affordable prices for the patients.

Humans are needed to sustain natural life, and humans need breath for health. We know that a healthy breath is as valuable as life. About 300 million people on earth have asthma. Additionally, COPD is expected to be the 4th most prevalent cause of death in 2030. In a world where the number of asthma and COPD patients is increasing daily, we aim to offer all pharmacokinetic products in the inhaler group to the use of respiratory patients' use.


Bringing innovation to the respiratory pharmaceuticals market and manufacturing world-class, high efficiency medicines.


  • Priority to Human Health
  • World Standard in Quality
  • Brand Reliability
  • Commitment to Ethical Values
  • Environmental Sensitivity
  • Supporting Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Placing Importance to Internal Communication
  • Focusing on Success

What can We Do?

  • We can develop inhalation devices,
    • Experienced team of design engineers
    • Hihgest implementation of certification terms
    • Communication with all the global players in this area
    • We are carrying the development of innovative dry powder inhaler devices one step forward with the SOFT, MIST and BREAT ACTUATED DPI projects that we initiated with our know how in the development of generic and original inhaler devices.

  • We can develop raw materials
    • Our field-based experience
    • Special infrastructure for inhalation products
    • Neutec is one of the few pharmaceutical companies that developed and patented its own thiotropium crystal shape in the world.

      Neutec has the experience of developing special inhalation drug active substance to obtain the perfect performance from the inhalation product. We optimize the particle size distribution and crystal shape based on the product. We can modify the amorphous surface area, specific surface area and roughness of the raw material according to the requirements of the product. We can use the raw materials to obtain the best stability results,

  • We can develop finished formulations
    • Experience based on the wide product range
    • Project management system
    • Broad equipment park
    • Following EMA & FDA guides
    • Neutec developde 54 different inhalation products containing 14 different raw materials. Our project management system that was created using the quality based product design approach guarantees the success of development efforts, and minimizes the development costs.

      Our laboratories that contain and integrate all the required equipment minimizes the duration of development efforts.

      Highly educated scientists follow the current guides and publications to direct the efforts

  • Neutec Inhaler Raw Material Manufacture Facility
    • Cutting-Edge Technology
    • Facility Specific to Inhaler Products
    • Neutec has the capacity to manufacture all the raw materials required for inhaler products. You can optimize the performance of your products with the raw materials we will manufacture for you. Our product range includes beta-agonists, anticholinergics and corticosteroids raw materials. We have the capacity to manufacture raw materials in the amount that you may need commercially.

  • Neutec Inhaler Finished Product Manufacture Facility
    • Cutting-Edge Technology
    • Turkish Medicine and Medical Devices Board GMP Approval
    • EMA & FDA Approval in 2015
    • Neutec Inhaler products production facility was designed for quality and high-capacity. Each production machine and equipment that is used was manufactured with companies that have international experience in this area.

      Neutec did not avoid investments to develop high-level production systems. Neutec is the first company i the world that mounted the AWM sensors that check the weight of inhalation capsules that are being filled in 100% real time to its machines.

      Neutec production team ensures the quality and performance of their products with their sensitivity to implement high-level GMP rules, following best industrial practices, and their capacity to implement innovative technologies quickly.

What are we offering?

  • Product development and analysis services
    • Product development ready for certificate applications
    • Conducting any study that you may need in the process of developing an inhaler product
    • Contracted laboratory services
    • Neutec is ready to support you in any inhalation product development project The devices, raw materials and product development experience enables us to offer you the product you need in the most cost-effective manner.

      Our 2000 m2 laboratory that is specifically established to develop inhalation products is one of the most important products in this field with its 70 scientists and cutting-edge analysis systems.

  • Contract manufacturing service
    • A separate building for inhalation product manufacture
    • FDA and EMA compliant manufacturing
    • High capacity, efficient manufacture
    • Let us manufacture your products for you with the highest quality and lowest cost
    • Neutec's greatest power is its manufacturing experience specializing in inhalation products This high-level experience enables us to provide the highest quality and efficiency in the manufacture of our products

      We can use this experience to respond to your manufacturing needs. If you need your production needs fulfilled at the highest quality, efficiency and with reliable product quality, Neutec may be an option for you.

  • You can use Neutec's device platforms to develop your own products
    • Blister-based dry powder inhaler DISCAIR
    • Capsule-based dry powder inhaler: CAPSAIR
    • The platform we're developing: SOFT MIST
    • The platform we're developing: ACTIVE DOSING KIT
    • Are you developing a new molecule or an innovative generic product for inhalation treatment? Neutec offers its platform devices to your use.

      Neutec is ready to support your projects by manufacturing inhalation products required for clinical trials. Our experienced scientists guarantee to develop your experimental product formulations on Neutec's platforms for the optimum performance of your active principles, and their delivery to the lung area that you target.

  • Granting Product License
    • You can license your products with your brand.
    • EU CTD Files
    • Exclusivity
    • Constant supply guarantee
    • Neutec is offering you the products that it has in its portfolio and has completed the development for. Scan through the Neutec product list and choose the most appropriate product for your target market from among the generic or innovative generic products.

      Neutec is glad to negotiate all kinds of product licensing issues from foreign markets. Our approach is mutual cooperation and supportive partnership, and we support the companies we cooperate with to enable them to gain a strong position in their own region.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Neutec Inhaler calculates all hazards that may befall its employees and third persons during its activities. To remove possible hazards, it takes the necessary measures by using the latest technology. Our company organizes various training events to ensure that the occupational health and safety system it implements is understood and used by the employees.

Environment Management Policy

Neutec Inhaler thinks that human health is not independent of environmental factors. As an organization, we believe that we are responsible to protect the nature. Thus, we are taking all the necessary precautions to remove the possible environmental problems that may arise during the R&D and manufacture works. Our company is extra careful to minimize the raw material and energy consumption and hold the amount of waste to a minimum.