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As Neutec Research and Development, we demonstrated that we successfully concluded the patent development projects concerning the protection of respiration devices. The products we created under this project: DISCAIR and CAPSAIR we carried the development of innovative DPI devices one step forward with our know-how and initiated the SOFT, MIST and BREAT ACTUATED DPI projects.

Neutec protects the physico-chemical properties of the required API for the development of each API on respiratory devices, of which Neutec is an expert. We can become experts in the crystal shape and grain size distribution. We can fine-tune the amorphous surface contents, specific surface areas and porous surfaces of the API. We can optimize the API for stable performance.

Neutec R&D

Neutec Research and Development center created 54 different products from 14 different molecules. Our project management approach is Quality based Design (QbD) and we aim to achieve maximum success with minimum budget during the project.

With our highly educated scientist pool, we closely follow current regulations.