Social Responsibility

As Neutec, human health and education is our top priority. While we develop medicines and treatments for the society we live in, we also give priority to fulfilling our social responsibilities. We focused our activities on education and social health.

Our goal;

  • To contribute to the raising of individuals who have good living conditions, who can look hopefully to the future for sustainable development,
  • Including our employees to the social responsibility projects to create a social solidarity awareness
  • To share common universal values by societies for the continuity of life and to improve social life.
  • Having an important role in healthy living activities to provide examples for the society.

Our Future Projects

Happiness for Everyone, Everyone for Happiness

The goal is to become a role model in the industry for inter-generation communication and the feeling of solidarity, by reaching all segments of society with our retirement home visits that will be conducted in various regions around the country simultaneously by our field employees.

Saving Lives Becomes Us

The blood donation project planned along with Red Crescent aims to contribute to meeting the blood demand around the country.

Potential Donor Project

This project will be carried out with the blood bank, and the bloods of our volunteering employees will be sampled to create a blood profile, and this database will be used for a possible stem cell transplant.

Neutec Pharmaceuticals Social Action Plan

2016 Projects

Holiday Kids Project

Neutec Pharmaceuticals was in Bitlis' Narlıdere Primary School for the Holiday Kids Project. We met our children's needs of stationaries.

Participation to Eurasia Marathon

Neutec Pharmaceuticals corporately participated in the Eurasia Marathon in Istanbul and ran for a healthy life

2015 Projects

Pharmceutical Aid to Syrian Refugees

Neutec Pharmaceuticals didn't forget about Syrian Refugees. 2.7 million TL worth of medicine and 300 thousand TL cash was sent as aid to the refugee camp in Hatay - Cilveözü

Third Book Aid Project

Neutec Pharmaceuticals was in Şanlıurfa to donate books to the newly established library of Viranşehir Anadolu High School